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Our wedding video and photography packages are priced by the hour. This is not an unusual practice for wedding photography.  Traditionally photography packages are priced by the number of consecutive hours the client needs to cover portions of their wedding.

When video accompanies photography it also makes sense to price by the hour.  Building a fusion package is much easier if both services are congruent. But there is another reason why we prefer to price our video packages by the hour.  We feel that a video package, for example, that covers your “ceremony and reception” is a predatory pricing scheme.

It is a pricing mechanism intended to take advantage of the client.  It narrows your choices so that in order for you to get what you want, you have to buy a lot.  It would be like going to a coffee shop that only sells 1-ounce or 50-ounce cups of coffee.

For example,  what if you only want an hour of your reception covered?  Do you get a discount?  Some companies may lower the price of that package to accommodate a shorter reception.  But how do you know if you are paying for what you get since the hourly price is unknown?  We feel that wedding video companies use these packages to trap their customers into coverage they don’t want.

This is why we price our wedding video packages by the hour.  There’s nothing vague about it.  Our customer pays for what they want with no ambiguity or mystery behind it.

There are two reasons why we bill our wedding packages by the hour. First, billing video by the hour works in congruence with our photography packages.  We are, after all, a wedding video and photography fusion company – it’s our specialty.  And lastly, billing our videography packages by the hour is an honest way of doing business.  There’s no ambiguity.  We don’t believe trying to convince our customers to purchase a package that they don’t want is the type of business we would stand behind.

We believe, of course, that you should choose our company for your wedding video and photography package. But if you decide to go elsewhere, beware of the companies that push you into one of their sketchy pricing schemes.

With Love,

Love Letter – Wedding Videography & Photography

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