Our wedding videography packages are priced by the hour.  We believe this is an honest and more realistic way price wedding videography (and photography for that matter).  Why would you want to choose from three or four different packages that vaguely cover your wedding?  With Love Letter you are in control of how much coverage is best for you.

Most wedding videographers offer cookie-cutter style packages.  They do the same thing, over and over, disregarding the uniqueness of your needs.  All of our packages are custom made to fit what you desire.  It’s up to you to decide how much time you would like to purchase, and we work with you to determine what the final product will look like.

Your wedding will be a unique and personal event – we believe your wedding video should be also.  There are probably a dozen different styles of wedding videography and most companies try to fit within a niche.  Our focus is telling a story, so if you wanted to pin us down to one style of videography it would be storytelling.  But we like to think much bigger than that.

A story can be told in many different ways, but the focus is always on you.  Perhaps your story is cinematic?  Or perhaps your story unfolds like a documentary, a traditional wedding video or a music video.  Whatever wedding video style fits you, we are happy to provide it.

Versatility is what we take pride in the most.  Simply choose how long you would like us to film,  tell us what you would like to be captured, and what style of video you would like.  We don’t like to present obstacles to your special day, we love to present options.  We want you to rest assured that your wedding video is going to capture the essence of your wedding and not be a distraction. 

With love,

Love Letter – Wedding Videography and Photography

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