We have brewed a crafty blend of storytelling and cinematic elegance in our wedding videography and photography packages

Our Wedding Videography and Photography Packages

We take a modern approach to our package offerings.  We have realized social media’s importance in the wedding industry, so we have adapted accordingly.  Our video packages are available as a digital download and shareable link for social media.  You can even set privacy settings for your video if you would like to keep things between you and people with your password.  You will no longer have to wait for a Blu-ray or DVD disc in the mail.  Discs have serious limitations so we have eliminated them.  DVDs are not a high definition format – we film in HD, so why store your wedding in an ancient format?  Of course, Blu-ray discs are high definition, but most people can stream media directly to their smart TV.  In addition, a digital file can be stored forever and copied to your heart’s content.  A disc can get lost or damaged.

Our photography packages follow the same rule as our video packages – digital files can be stored and copied for an eternity.  We’re not saying prints are not important – we are saying that there are a variety of inexpensive ways to make your own prints.  All of our photography packages include a print release and our photos are not watermarked.  We retain the artistic copyrights, but we share the print rights with our customers.  This means you may print as many copies as you want for your own personal use.  We are encouraging you to take your photos to a place like Cosco for prints, photo albums, or even canvas prints for your wall – avoiding markups.

Above all else, we want our customers to walk away with beautiful photos and tear-jerking videos and money left over for their honeymoon!